The Struts - Strange Days

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Strange Days Tracklist:

Reel Music



Great, fun power pop rock N roll! Saw them live opening for the Foo Fighters and they were a really good opening act. Listen to the band closely. Very good musicians.


This album was filmed in like 10 days while in quarantine. The Struts are a blessing to this musical generation. My personal faves are Champagne, Burn It Down, Strange Days, and Can’t Sleep. Buy this album and thank me later.


Props to the Struts, perfect collaboration, reminds us all that we can find the good in each other and maybe we can be in a better place next year.


The hits they originally put out. I was sadly disappointed. Even the song with Tom Morello. But the B-Sides are fantastic. Please Think of going this way more often. Cool, can’t sleep and Ain’t talking to the Champagne. Are great songs!! Keep rockin my brothers.


The struts are the music we need right now! Each strut truly showed their talents yet again. Luke coming out with some different styles, Adams amazing guitar solos that put you in awe, Jeds Bass line is killer and Geth’s drumming making you wanna rock out! Each song has a different tune then what they’ve done before and makes you want to beg for more! Good job boys, you’re number one!

Sergii Bidenko

New amazing album! Thank you, guys!


I got hooked on this band by a few friends and so far they have not disappointed. It’s just great fun music you can’t be depressed while listening to. And I mean really with all the horrible stuff going on in the world these days don’t we need as much as we can possibly get of that kind of Music?



smug alert!

This is going to be great! The first two songs are really good. Well written. Ignore the other review. Eddie Trunk mentioned on his show that there was a band that went in and knocked out a new album during the quarantine that was excellent but he could not mention who it was. I think it’s this one.

isaac barker on youtube

Such good music can’t wait to hear the whole album

Roth Baby!

Not even rock.. more of a pop band. I liked the first two records, however so far this is awful. They will be forgotten in 3 years or less and this record will fail..