The Vamps - Cherry Blossom

An EMI release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

Cherry Blossom Tracklist:


This album is absolutely beautiful and extremely meaningful not only to them but to us as we can relate in our own ways. I would definitely recommend listening to this while watching the stars, overall one of their best albums!


It’s the vamps ofc it’ll be amazing. This has to be their best album yet. There not enough words to truly describe how amazing this album is.


AMAZING AS ALWAYS !!!! i love the new sound so so much, congrats💓

Kitty go meow meow

so so proud of the boys this album is so amazing, but it stream it tell your friends to stream it get it up in the charts!!

marion tate

This album is breathtaking. I definitely recommend taking a listen.

kathryn garrett

Absolutely obsessed.


this album shows how mature the vamps and their sound has gotten throughout the years. this is a beautiful album that shows rebirth and being the best version of yourself. so proud of them <3 they definitely need more recognition


This albums really good, one of my favorites by them. the sound is also amazing, glory days is my fav btw


would you is definitely a banger just saying anyways stream cherry blossom 🤍✨


Just wow. The growth. The talent. The production. EVERYTHING. You have a feeling about something like sad, happiness, sexy, loneliness. THIS ALBUM HAS IT. Proud Vamily. 🌸🌸🌸🌸


absolutely love the album!! couldn’t be happier


genuinely the best album ever made by these boys. being honest and open is quite a hard thing to do for most and seeing these boys do just that is very heartwarming. treading water is definitely my number one favorite, but every song is pure gold. very proud of you all!!! sending you lots of love, happiness + hugs ♡


An amazing album. Treading Water is truly wonderful and so full of raw emotions. Thank you so much for taking your time writing these beautiful stories. I look foreword to more of your work as always. Love, aline


this album is so good and I can’t wait ott hear it live ahhhh!!!!


The Vamps


i love this new era, such an amazing sound and the lyrics are so meaningful. this album is already to beautiful. love it so so much❤️🌸

dolan super fan😭❤️😘

Why are u so cute

alt columnist

I feel like they are finally making music they can be proud of for years and years. All their old albums are incredible, but this is a whole new level of good

Lucky Draw

Excellent track. I think these are some pretty young guys and they have done a great job on this track. If they stick with this level of focus on their music, they will do great in the future. Good for them!


I’m so excited for Cherry Blossom to come out and I’m playing Married In Vegas on repeat constantly! MIV is such a great way to kickstart their new album. It was definitely worth the wait 💗🌸🌸


I can’t stop listening to Married In Vegas!! So excited to see what else is in store!!