The Weeknd - After Hours

℗ 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

After Hours Tracklist:


Any one who gives anything under 5 Stars clearly doesn’t know him and his music


Great Album🔥🔥


kinda all sounds the same......gone are the days of true artists......where are they hiding?


This is literally the best album I’ve ever heard


Even though every song is sounding the same but the vibe it carries matters the most and every song has it sown chills

zaidy abdy



The weeknd never fails to release nothing but greatness and he doesnt break that streak here


For those of you who aren’t a huge fan of this man this album will make you want to become XO. Every time he releases an album he tells a story. This man is different from other artists in a way how he delivers his music through art. His visuals are aesthetically inspired by cinema or legendary artists like MJ, Prince to Elton John, you name it this man has a mind of a genius! Listen from beginning to end as the melody slowly fades away till we get another chapter. After Hours is full of darkness/vulnerability/love/happiness and melancholy. You get everything in a nutshell. Thank you Abel for existing & blessing us with your music!! I’ll forever stan you! XO’TWOD.


No thanks

S. W. Pearce

I didn’t even like Abel until this album. It’s such an undeniable masterpiece. The soundscapes are just so gorgeous and enveloping. Abel’s vocals are just so emotional and beautiful. One of my favorites of all time.



Albert Stien





Cool 😎

Manav P

Title says it all

NT Ethio



This album is a masterpiece, everything from the sequencing, to the engineering and the vocals/lyricism just transports you to another dimension and makes you feel like you’re living through the music. XOTWOD


Idk how anyone follows this satan worshiper? I gave 1 star only because I had too.


I personally enjoy the songs on this album. not exactly sure why everyone else doesnt. i guess that dont have great taste...but i do!

kate rett

This is the number 1 song this weekend and I am so happy it is because it is the best song ever

Stephen l.

Traaaaash. Disgusting cover btw


This is the best🧡💗


He is bringing the good 80s sounds into todays music

MTNclimber 2014

Evil and wicked. Come on man...

Review critic 2.3

When I first listen to the album it was during quarantine the first few songs I can't hear then I listened to snowchild Abel was telling about the past blinding lights was perfect for vegas my favorite is in your eyes and heartless 8/10

k hits

The best album The Weekend has ever made.


Keeping it real from the start homie!! Always find myself coming back to your music no matter the year it was produced‼️ ❌⭕️‼️🇨🇦📶🔁🅾️V⭕️


🔥 this album is fire. It’s got intensity and honesty at the same time, which is hard to pull off. Not to mention that the song “in your eyes” features Michael Bolton... legendary. This is my favorite album of his so far.

Potterhead ⚡️🦉

This album is out of this word! I’ve listened to the album many times and the songs never get old. Love The Weeknd! 😁

Lil ebola 6



The best


This is in my top 5 albums of 2020


So if this is what you call music these days I’d rather go back to old music from true singers not auto tune stars.

Sunshine MR

I love this album! Abel did it again 🔥


This man Abel does not miss


I had heard of The Weeknd through the years, but I started getting into a few songs 2020 which were “Blinding Lights, Heartless, In Your Eyes, and Can’t Feel My Face”. I wanted to know what this album was about, what it means. So I watched a guys video, and he recommended listening to the full album, so I did. And I got hooked on the album, so eventually I bought it. One of the best musical purchases I ever made! I know a lot say it all sounds the same, and I get that. But when you listen, each song he is like a different person, and the story is amazing. I love this album and I might consider listening to his other albums. ❤️


His best album


Album of the year


Every 1-star review called him “the weekend” 😂 best work of his. music videos and productions are top tier. Amazing work.

Star Kouturee

Whoever Said This Album Is Trash Is Crazy Y’all Obviously Don’t Know Real Music When Y’all Hear It


Love you forever xo


Off the ramps it’s my favorite o


This album is probably one of the best I've heard this year and for a while. I enjoyed all the songs and still play this album today. One of my favorites are escape from LA. The production is really good and the song is pretty deep. Overall one of my favorite albums from abel.

Nathan Azul Huerta

Every song sounds the same we want the old able back


Lit album, he did what has to be done 🔥 BLINDING LIGHTS 💥


Its a hitttttt


Blinding Lights tanked hard

farty tucan

When The Weeknd drops something he always HITS. And this was a MAYWEATHER style KO PUNCH!!

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