Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am

℗ 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Therefore I Am - Single Tracklist:

final boss simp

im a bigger fan of her older stuff but this song isnt too bad😽


Because you actually sang on that and you whisper on everything else ;-;


We love all Billie songs so if u dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all


She uses different sound stages mixing in spoken words to creature a unique listening experience. The opening hook really draws in you and makes you curious what will happen next.

Jasmine loves Beethoven+snoopy

You don’t need to say trash this is why she wears baggy clothes


Not a fan.


oml she did it again‼️ love you so much you 🖤you never fail to make us prouder, with every single single you drop 🙏🏻 haters hate while she keeps ruling on the charts LOL 🤘🏻


This song is awesome!! Thank you Billie!!!! (¯`v´¯) ` .¸. ´ ☻/ /▌ / | ╬═♥╬ ╬♥═╬ ╬♥═╬ ╬═♥╬ ╬═♥╬ ╬♥═╬ ╬♥═╬ ╬♥═╬ ╬♥═╬


Like every other day Billie Eilish song, I really like it. I like the fact that she can have fun with her songs.


she’s so versatile! this is such a bopppp! she switches it up, while still keeping her signature sound. i like that. good job and well done...


Skull emoji


people need to stop hating on musicians just because they don’t like their music style! like you don’t have to listen to her, stop making her as a person feel bad!!


i mean this is worst than bad guy 😪


Ew Billie eilish your like the worst singer ever like omg


I don’t listen to a lot her songs, only a few, but this song here is not that bad. I guess people think their “cool” for hating on popular things, so they pick Billie Eilish as a target sense she’s a popular artist. Also, queen of dopeville101, don’t tell other people to die. Her haters are annoying, yes. But that review you typed was really immature and insensitive. Billie Eilish’s fans seriously need to chill out, same thing with her haters.


Love this


Completely horrible! Not singing just mumbling.


This was written for a specific reason, likely as a response to the loser who tried to body-shame her. Look at it as a diss track. It’s so far not attached to an album & I don’t think we can assume that all her future music will sound like this. And why shouldn’t she try something different while we’ve all been isolated? I think her fans can still appreciate it. And for the people telling her to go back to flipping burgers? This girl has more money & talent then most of us ever will.

queen of dopeville101

IF YOU HATE ON HER YOU SHOULD GO DRINK BLEACH AND DIE!! To haters: no one likes you. You are worth nothing. You need to die. The world would be better without you. Go die. Please die.

queen of dopeville101

IF YOU HATE ON HER YOU SHOULD GO DRINK BLEACH AND DIE!! To haters: no one likes you. You are worth nothing. You need to die. The world would be better without you. Go die. Please die.


If billy is reading this, know this- Honestly, your music is boring. You don’t even have vocals. Other singers should be more famous. Like country artists lol. Just stop already.


i basically jus hear her voice and like bass in the background. There isn’t a melody or a tune. It’s like all you hear is her voice lower and then more deeper in the back. I love your work but this one needs a lot more work lol. I’m not trying to shoot her down or anything. Love Billie. Love her music. This one maybe needs more work

LDR Lover

She never fails to disappoint! 😜🖤


Y’all are haters y’all know this girl not mumbling y’all favorite does it do y’all complain about it 🤷🏽‍♀️.


What is this whispering


idk why these mfs are hating..but this girl is talented AS SHITTT my gosh 😍😍😍


Thank you Billie for it!!! Love it soooo much!!!!! But why the hate?? Please don’t hate on this. This is a beauty! Like why is she famous? Because people like her MUSIC.

Lalawit Na



Throw the whole whatever it is away lol

mozo kokomo

And Picasso can’t paint either.




Billie got a little lazy on this song but it’s ok... but she should at least sing in it, not go talk/whisper, I am a really big Billie fan and I’d say it’s ok but not the best! BUT STOP HATING BILLIE


It’s pretty much a monotonous chant, but whatever.


Does this sound good?...YES Is she using autotune?...Probably but who cares! She sounds good!


I’ve been a huge avocado for the past three/four years now, and I have all of her music. All of her songs before this were so amazing, but this...this just isn’t it. It sounds so recycled and boring. Where’s the fantastic lyrics and vocal range that Billie is known for? It’s all monotone and bland, and as much as I really want to like the song, it’s a pass. I’d skip over it every time it played. Sorry, Billie. 💚🖤 Edit: It’s starting to grow on me and it does have a nice beat. If y’all are hesitant about it, listen to it a couple of times and you might start to like it. It’s definitely not Billie’s best song, but it’s certainly not her worst. It’s on the charts for a reason. I’d still skip over it a few times, but it’s not nearly as awful as I had originally thought it was. We all need to give it a chance. 💚🖤 Edit #2: It’s official, this song is really good. It’s still not her best, and never will be, but if we were all to give it a chance and listen to it, hopefully it will grow on everyone like it did me! Still not too fond of the talking in it, but otherwise, nice job, Billie! 💚🖤


Cool one hit wonder


It’s a little quiet but anyway it’s a good song


Stop making music trash star


She’s amazing! People have different tastes in music and that’s fine. Don’t put someone music down because you personally don’t like it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others done like it. Billie and worked hard to get where she is so keep that in minds I think he songs are amazing and I love her



#Billie Eilishfan

Billie Eilish is young you don't need to be throwing hate !! She is so nice 👍🏻 and this is a great song love you Billie💖💖!


It’s catchy and I’m not going to bash anybody who is making music weather you like it or not. Let’s build people up and not tear them down. What are you doing with your life huh?


Love it?


All those saying to not comment if you hate the song can quit commenting if they like the song. You can’t have it only YOUR way.


Great song!!!


It's ok but it sound like she took the melody of You should see me in a crown and added new lyrics to it.


it wasn't good or bad, and i love billie eilish but when i heard this, i wasn't to excited, idk why it just, meh. i was really happy with everything i wanted and my future i really liked that vibe so i was hoping she could do more of those, more of songs to listen at a late night drive, idk why but that's how i kinda picture billie and her songs to sound like


I love this song. As a fan of Billie,she always tops her last song every time. Ppl literally hate on her bc they’re not successful or not happy in life but you keep doing you and we (Billie stans) will keep supporting you💖


I love her style. Love the monotone, slowed genre and she is spot on.

lolllcool apps

Idk why your really mean she is just trying to have good music #hatersgonnahate