Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - What Kinda Music

℗ 2020 Beyond The Groove. Distributed by Blue Note Records / Caroline

What Kinda Music Tracklist:


Got hip to Tom Misch a few years ago and have been waiting on his next record since Geography came out. Collaborations are nothing new for TM, but this one seems to have gotten away from him. Gone are the silky, lustrous grooves that so many had come to enjoy so much, replaced by something that's more in Yussef's wheelhouse than Tom's. For me, drums are a complimentary, not a lead instrument, but they are very much out front here, to the point of dominating some of the tracks, and the melodies are super ethereal. I'm all for artists growing, and if TM wants to make an actual jazz record that'd be cool, but this particular outing is a miss.


Simply, Tom's fans are split on this one. The depature from prior work is notable, and those expecting it appear disappointed. It isn't a singer songwriter type of album, and doesn't lend that easy sensibility. OTOH, Yussef's fans LOVE THIS. His expressionism is unmatched by modern drummers, and it is on FIRE here. Somehow, Rocco's bass gets left out of the mentions too much too. Go watch him play on Lift Off to see what this guy can do. Don't sleep on this album, it's a true album in every sense of the word. Click play, or better yet drop a needle and chill to this instant classic friends.


Tom Misch with live drums. What more do I have to say? Rich, lush, and silky smooth grooves lay the foundation of this album. Tom’s vocals are on point, his guitar playing is on point, production is on point. I’m telling you right now- Tom Misch is the next John Scofield. This album has sprinkles of flavor taken straight from Überjam, and I LOVE it!!!!


Beautiful synergy of the 2 great musicians. Special callout for Yussef’s drumming: tasteful original beats, stupendous fills and transitions.


Good music to kick your feet up and relax to.


When I first heard the album, I wasn't 100% sold, but like most of my favorite music it has grown on me in the short timespan of 3 days. I definitely love it now. It feels like summertime and sunshine to me and I think that's what everyone needs a little bit more of right now. Excellent work Yussef and Tom!




Kick back, cruisin music. Eloquently done tommy and yussef


That's the first word that comes to my mind listening to this new album from Tom Misch. WKM is quite the departure from Geography but genius nonetheless. This album's going to be harder to dive into but the adventure will be sublime. This album of fusion Jazz drifts to John McLauglin era riffing and improvisation.

Always 5 there anything Tom Misch can't do!