Tommy Lee - Andro

℗ 2020 Tommy Lee under exclusive license to Better Noise Music

Sean Morrison

Great album. Very creative. It’s something different and you have to listen to the whole album all the way through as it starts out very aggressive and transitions to something softer and more melodic.


I can imagine this album being played loud and on a 24 hour loop at Guantanamo Prison as a means of torture to get information from terrorist suspects. I would have spilled my guts with info and begged for mercy after hearing just the first track from this garbage.

dino bravo

The F?

Mickey Mike

Was expecting rock music with blazing guitar and rumbling bass! What is this? Terrible!


Hard to listen to


Not what I would have expected at all from a great rock drummer . I could not listen to one single song sample all the way through. This is a complete waste of time and money .

Pompero Firpo

Swing and a miss.


I am disgusted by the way Tommy acts toward the country, And disagree with most of his opinions, but they are his and he is entitled to them. I love music so I reluctantly listened to this album. I have been please in the past with what Tommy created with Aero. This collection really let me down. I could not feel a fluid vibe with most tracks except Make the Storm and Make it Back. 2 out of 14? Seems like a lot of wasted effort.


Someone gave an old burn out a casio synthesizer from the 80's with a "drum" mode...and this is what he came up with. So much cringe and eyerolls i started getting dizzy.


Complete trash


Could be worst output for 2020, 👎🏼.

Metal Apostle

I guess this is what happens when you drink 2 bottles of vodka a day? C'Mon Tommy - get back to your roots.


Pure garbage


This is a joke of an album and you really shouldn’t even call it music. If you think you are going to get a Motley Crue type album look elsewhere and save your money, time and ears.


I guess some one thought it was good:


Love the new stufff!!


Even our President gave it the middle finger.

Carey Crews

I loved his other solo albums but I'd rather watch someone vomit than listen to this one.


Rotten smelly pile of TDS


This sounds like the first edit pass on the songs included here. Note to Mr. Lee. Just because you have an expensive studio in your house doesn’t mean the output is ready to drop. I could churn out tracks like this using apps on my iPhone that would sound better than this drivel.


Crap for sure, but why is this listed as metal?!? If this is metal, then the earth is flat! Pure unadulterated dung.


This is proof that 2020 will be remembered as one of the worst years ever.


Brutal just brutal embarrassing just embarrassing pathetic just pathetic.......need I go on?


This ain’t it tommy


All that Crack Cocaine and Booze have destoryed Tommy Lee.. Turned him into a piitiful Snowflake,


Tommy come on bro, I like the song tommy lee with post Malone but that’s a single could be a hit single but that’s it radio worthy though, just get the crew back together bro n drop a new album Zoltan Chaney is taking your place come on bro


Go Tommy!!!!


Nobody reads reviews kids!!!!!!!


I decided to preview the first track figuring this is Tommy Lee, drummer of Motley Crue...first few seconds is all it took, my ears and mind automatically shut off this mixture of noise/ is NOT music any shape or form...just add it to the rest of the worthless crap that the music business has been putting out for years now.


What is this crap?? Nothing like a 60 year trying to be hip


Please just go away!!! Far, Far, Far Away!!!


This is absolutely awful. Seriously, a flaming ball of sonic trash.


If I could give this less than one star I would.

Big Naytch



Over procesed garbage. I'm not really sure why his name is even on this other than he probably hooked up a electronic drum kit to it. Garbage in equals garbage out.


Wow!?! This is worse then I could have ever imagined. Painfully bad


Just sad


This isn’t music , just awful !


My god what was Tommy Lee thinking on this one. If you were going for a rap / metal album, this did "not" make the cut. To be honest Tommy, dont let your legacy go down like this..

DJ Krusher

Its like a cross between mehtods of mayhem and die antwoord and im more than ok with that.


How is this considered music? Stick to what you do best,Tommy.


So far all the tracks released are utter crap! This is garbage save your money. Unless you need a laugh, even so steal it off the net. But even that is awaste of time and bandwidth!




I’m usually not into this kind of music but this is, like a twist of rap, trap music, pop, metal and rock rolled into one. I really think it’s awesome.


One of the worst drummers around. Now this crap. Hang it up already