Mark Ronson - Uptown Special

℗ Tracks 3, 4 & 6 (P) 2014, all other tracks (P) 2015 Mark Ronson under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Trust and Us


dj yeet

This is a bad piece of crap 💩 and trash 🗑🚨👎🏿HATE 🤬


Album of the decade i got the CD




I love this sooo much Bruno!


Love this album! If you enjoyed this album/Marks music in general then be sure to check out his newest/just released single ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” feat. Miley Cyrus because it is an AMAZING song & honestly my favorite song from Mark yet! I can’t wait for Marks new album to drop sometime soon I’ll definitely be getting it the day it comes out! 🔥🔥🔥


Why does everything feature a singer or a musician?

music sleuth

I started to write a rave review, went back to correct, spell check, and it disappeared. So now it will come up as a half written review, with typos. Thanks iTunes! Why are you trying to keep me and Bruno down? itunes funked me up!


Tftdyrvbux was drywalltugyi dyf


This review is for Uptown Funk. Best song that Bruno has.

I have Xbox one

Best pop album I've ever heard in the world to me 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Naughty college student 8844

I don't get how this guy is winning all these awards for that one song Uptown Funk, he didnt even sing the song Bruno Mars did.




One of the best throwback sounds of the year. It’s a shame Uptown Funk is the only song that gets attention. Not saying it’s a bad song, but there’s more to it with this album. Feel Right was the hottest track and it sits back to back with Uptown.


Love the funk

Cc croot

i love the song up town funk


Does not play the complete song

Chief Ollie

Uptown funk is the better one in the album!!!! Think it's great!!!


I liked this song when it came out but now it's annoying and it's been popular for too long

Ethan Manley



These songs made me cool again!! I'm 50


with this album.


You came here for track 4.


I find this song to be the most annoying creation on earth....


None of these have no point especially Uptown Funk I really regret buying this album

Hate hate hate dumb

When I downloaded iOS 8.4 and now I have to RE BUY THE SONG

Angelica Baird

ears are bleeding


Should be #1 song of 2015


Totally one of the best songs in History!!

Money of G

Uptown funk is the only good song


His song with Bruno Mars is a total rip off, trash and a dumb lazy song it's not creative/excellent!


This song is overplayed. It's played on every radio station at least 30 times a day. Every time I hear this I feel like ripping my hair out. Absolutely disgusting.


Maybe it's just me but every time they play this on the radio I change the station. Something about it bugs me and I'm normally very open to music.


This album has some Funk in it and I decided to get it just because of the name. I got it and I was surprised this album is FUNKALICIOUSLY good! Really my favorite song (and I say I'm a funk music critic) is Uptown Funk obviously. That's why this album is selling like crazy! GET THIS ALBUM PEOPLE!


I love this!!!!! Whole album


This album is straight fire. Especially Feel Right, but honestly not a bad song on here. There is more to this album than Uptown Funk!!


Peeps, this song is AMAZING. don't let those haters bring you down. I mean, haters gonna hate, right? Anyway, Marz only like, mutters the word. It's not that big of a deal, OK? Uptown Funk is a great song. Don't judge it by the one swear word. Seriously.


Not bad but uptown funk is probably the worst track due to it being so overplayed

Reese Lassiter

My brother and me think that is awesome.


Besides uptown funk the album is alright. But because of that song, I can't buy this album.

Josh rockz

This song is amazing I love it and I sing along to it all the time uptown funk is great I love have funk music these days with all the fake pop music

Jake Monvalley Thunder

Really liked Uptown Funk would totally recommend it. Have not listened to the other songs in the album heard they are not that good. BUT UPTOWN FUNK GREAT!!😃😃


Uptowne Funk is Awesome! Brilliant work by Mark and Bruno!


Love this song !!!!!


It has bad words


Now I see why EVERYBODY likes this song... 😆


... good, tight, complex. Gets your groove on, wooh!


Like RAC, and countless others, before him, Mark Ronson has taken a very new yet classic bath to his musical popularity. Instead of being the frontman, he tinkers and tailers for his featured guests. What this allows is Ronson to get the best out of genuine talent as well as letting their musicality combine to form an experience. With huge names like Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars next to more unknown musicians like Mystical, Ronson makes an album accessible to all walks just trying to feel a little funk again.

Ringo Smith



I love the harmonica solo by the amazing STEVIE WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like a 80's/90's tv theme

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