Van Halen - Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1

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Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1 Tracklist:


I know most of Van Halen’s stuff was with Dave, but they were also amazing with Sammy. To say they should ditch the Sammy stuff in favor of DLR implies none of Sammy’s stuff was good. It was, very much so. Some of Eddie’s best guitar bits were with Sammy on vocals. Also this came out in ‘96, it makes little sense to tell them to change a 24 year old album. RIP EVH


rest in peace eddie

Trust and Us



This is the greatest song ever recorded by Van Halen. The powerful lyrics by Roth, Michael’s amazing background vocals and Eddie’s ever magical guitar makes you wonder what this band could have become. I say the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time if only they would have recorded one more album. This magic they produced on these two never played songs off of this “greatest hits” album would have electrified the world and took this group to the stratosphere of rock gods. Eddie, do it for the world. Stop thinking of yourself, and let the people see just how great this band could be.




No contest. This comp would have been markedly better by ditching the Sammy songs in favor of Roth songs like Hot for Teacher, Pretty Woman, You Really Got Me, Mean Streets, Where Have All the Good Times Gone, Jamie’s Cryin’, and I’ll Wait.

Brody out

It has great guitar solos and my favorite songs


I would just go ahead and buy their 2004 greatest hits album “Best of Both Worlds.” It has a lot more DLR songs, and the three previously unreleased songs are better than the three on this album by a long shot. Just pay the extra money and buy the other album.


If for nothing else, buy this compilation for the Roth songs that close out this collection. They are worth it, and Humans Being adds a little icing to the cake for any fan who enjoys both versions of this band.


Minus the best song Mean Street? It's not a complete greatest hits.


Don't get me wrong this is a great album but the one song it is missing is hot for teacher, in my opinion one of the best Van Halen songs ever but that's just my opinion. Still great album


I am a diehard Roth fan and what really blows me away is that Can't Get This Stuff No More and Me Wise Magic haven't done better based on the little lines that show the top selling songs. These are two classic Van Halen tracks with DLR and are as good or better than a lot of the stuff that make up their greatest hits. Buy these two tracks... you WON'T be disappointed!


Nothing will ever be better than Van Halen. Period.


Eddie's guitar shredding defined the 80's guitar sound. To me, he'll always be the best guitarist with that awesome low end phase and fast laser like leads!


5 Stars without doubt! Great,beautiful guitar base,drums, vocals...... Most have it.


The Sammy years blow the Roth years out of the water! Not only is Sammy a better writer but a better musician.


It’s so obvious that the DLR material is so far superior to any of the Van Hagar crap.