Van Halen - Fair Warning

℗ 1981 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Fair Warning Tracklist:


Rest in peace Eddie Van Halen. Thank you for your music and inspiration and your overall contribution to music. Eddie did things no one even thought about doing on the guitar. He blew the door open for what can humanly be possible. There are a million guitar players that try to emulate his style but there was only one Eddie Van Halen. Just check out the opening licks to “Mean Street” and “Unchained”. There’s so many other great tracks on this album. Not one bad song on this album at all! Highly recommended listening!


An under appreciated gem!


Fantastic album. Not a weak tune!


I love this album. It has to be top 3 for me. Sinners swing is my favorite song on this album. Just really good rock n roll.


I love this album. Not a fan of the one that sounds like disco, but the others range from good to amazing.


This is Van Halen at their most gritty, filthy, and raw - and through no loss in melody. Only after many years of loving them did this album become my favorite, but it appears I am not alone in that. Every classic Dave era album with the exception of diver down has been my favorite VH album at one time or another. In the end though, this has become firmly rooted in that position. One of the greatest hard rock bands ever, and with a perfect ORIGINAL (lol) lineup. Because of these things, that makes this IMO one of the greatest ever rock albums period. Interestingly, this is the sole album with such a dark undercurrent to every aspect of it. Below, as well as above the surface. Required listening for any rock fan.


Top 5 in my opinion


Sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice.... OR DID I ? Oh yeah, I did I used to blow away the boom boxers with this album and 8 rechargeable C batteries. What a great string of songs to listen to w/o skipping any. Always was blown away at ho they 'topped' their 3rd album, Women & Children 1st with this gem. So ahead of it's time for '81 ? . Was it that long ago ? I can't remember, gotta go take my pills.


This album represents the best all around album made by Van Halen during the DLR era. The highlight and best of the best? Unchained. Turn it up.

Liam Connett

This was Eddies Album. During the making of this album Eddie thought about quitting the band cause he was getting married and Dave was on his last straw. Guitar track on this album was Absolutely Amazing and really showed Eddies creativity and pure shred power to play guitar and SYNTH! "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" part into "One foot out the door" Great Piece and hat song was supposed to represent Eds anger.




36 years on, still my favorite VH album. So much going on here. Musically these guys stretched into every corner and for me, this was ground-breaking hard-core rock for those of us who were exhausted from living through the 70s. Banged my head enough to make it through some tough times with some sanity. Still can't thank VH enough for this one.

An 11 year old

Beginning of push come to shove = most memorable Van Halen moment ever!


Van Halen's best album.


I wouldn't care if anybody else liked this record, 'cause it is my unequivocally favorite rock album of all time. After 35 years, I'm still absorbing the genius distilled in this record. I bought the tape in '81 after just having discovered their then previous release, "Women and Children First." A couple of decades later, when I bought my first CD player, this was the first CD I bought to build my new digital music library around. Yes, it's that important. Every song on this record is uniquely VH. The imitators never even tried to touch this. Eddie lets everyone know that these songs are above your pay grade.


I love all Van Halen albums, but I think this is one of the best Roth era albums. But I still have to say that Sammy was a better singer and lyricist.

KB 18

My kids are too young to know what Van Halen was all about, so I play this in the car for them. They get it. This album flat-out shreds and is head and shoulders above anything else VH has ever done. You won't find the crappy-sappy covers and BS signles stuff on here. This is raw, rockin' stuff! Strap in, hit play and enjoy!


Considered by many to be the dark album released by the original Van Halen lineup, it also has some of Eddie Van Halen's best guitar work ever recorded. "Unchained" is the stand alone hit from the album with amazing tone, groove, and riffage, as well as the songs "Mean Street" and "Hear About It Later". With these songs, it displays more progression in the songwriting abilities of the band.

A word lover...

This edition of this album sound WAY over compressed! I also have the high definition 192Khz version of this album and it’s totally fine. Apple is supposed to be using this same HD master for the Mastered for iTunes stamp. They must have messed something up during the process. Apple please fix this error!


I really love this entire album. Some of Eddies best work as well as Dave's vocals. I love love love the guitar on "dirty movies"! Classic must own Van Halen. Go get it!


This is definitely Van Halen's heaviest album. Not necessarily from a musical standpoint (although that could be argued as well), as a lyrical one. The feel good anthems of former records are abandoned for darker subject matter and darker music. "Mean Streets" chronicles the wanderings of some Drug addicted night crawler, accompanied by Eddie Van Halen's now unforgettable riffs. You can hear where Guns 'N Roses certainly got some inspiration for "welcome to the jungle" on this one. The bass heavy "Dirty Movies", the fast paced "Sinners Swing" and the take no prisoners growl of "Unchained", all follow with similar themes and subject matter. "So this is Love?" attempts to lighten the mood a bit. Which seems necessary by the time we arrive at that point. And really, it's all the relief we get. The album speeds to an end with the almost punkish number "One Foot Out the Door." Many diehards consider this Van Halen's best work. I'd say it is definitely near the top. You won't be hearing "Jump" or "You Really Got Me" type numbers on Fair Warning. It's all metal muscle and rough around the edges. The darker subject matter can be a bit much a times. In the same way that the "party" tracks can get carried away on their other albums. Roth was never one for subtleties. Also, the last two tracks feel a bit rushed. The album is really only 7 full length songs. All in all, this is some of Van Halen's best work. The band is firing on all cylinders. Eddie in particular delivers some of his meatiest guitar work, which says a lot given his track record. Roth was at the height of being Diamond Dave, which displays itself no better than his hilarious ad-libbing in Unchained's break down. This really is the last in your face, no holds bar album the band would put out. Although a bit overly dark at times.

Shawner del

This is great album, simply put


This is Van Halen at their best. EVH is a beast on this record From the opening guitar of Mean Street, to the blistering finish of one foot out the door you will love every second of this Masterpiece A Must Buy at any price Most diehard van halen fans i speak to say this is their favorite, i have to agree see a gun is really easy, in this despearte part of town turn you from hunted into hunter, go and hunt somebody down wait a minute now.. somebody said FAIR WARNING.. LORD STRIKE THAT POOR BOY DOWN!!!!


In my younger years I was all about "Panama" and "You Really Got Me". Fair Warning is for the more mature VH palate - a broodier, "browner" delivery throughout, but an album that remains both exciting and interesting from start to finish. I never tire of this one and I hear something new every time. The opening of "Unchained" is arguably the greatest 25 seconds in rock n' roll history.


Full speed ahead rock! Sound quality of recording/engineering was especially outstanding on this album.


This is the vintage VH b4 Eddie got into synths and played with Michael Jackson. If you don't have this well you are in for the best DLR EVH AVH and MA have to offer.