Van Halen - The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds Tracklist:


The best of the best!

Darby Agnew

Sammy Hagar turned VH into bland, elevator music.


You got me through high school and college thank you Eddie Van Halen rest in peace. Like Lenny Kravitz said and I quote Heaven’s electric tonight.

Trust and Us


nuggetts dad

why do they cut the ending of finished what you started? its suppose to fade out but all of a sudden it stops. whats up with that?


Roth and Hagar are great, but they don’t mix well. Don’t listen to this collection from beginning to end.


Definetly The Best of Both Worlds!!! Love this album. Wish there were more reviews. Where are all the Van Halen fans????




This album rocks period 😍😍😍😍 reccommend it


Another Hits completion Botched By the Van Halen Ego machine I love you eddie and alex and sammy and dave and mike and wolfie But this explains eddies problem he needs a lyricist My List For eddie and Alex In Chronological Order Dave Era 1978-1985 First Sammy 1986-2004 1st drop the new songs eddie sounds wasted No Offense Eddie I am A Musican as well Ready here we go 2 cd set 1. Running with The devil 2. Eruption 3. You really Got me 4. Anit Talkin bout love 5. Feel Your love tonight 6. Ice Cream Man 7. Your no Good 8. Dance the Night Away 9. Somebody Get me a doctor 10. And the Cradle will rock 11. In A Simple ryhme 12. Unchained 13. Where Have all the good times gone 14. Jump 15 . Panama 16 Hot for teacher Disc 2 Sammy Hagar era 1. Good enough 2.Why cant this be Love 3. Dreams 4. Best Of both worlds 5. Mine All Mine 6. When its love 7.Cabo Wabo 8. Feels so good 9. Poundcake 10. Runaround 11.Dream is over 12Right Now 13 Seventh Seal 14 Cant stop lovin you 15 Aftershock 16 Feelin


Not every Van Halen song I like,but this album contains every song I like. Great album!


Even if you're not a fan of Van Halen now would be a great time time to start this album has their best songs and you wouldn't be disappointed.