Mark Ronson - Version

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Version Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Very good music


This album is good but I only like stop me and Valerie. If I were u I wouldn't buy the whole album


I got charged and it never downloaded what do I do? Help? I tried again and charged me twice still unsuccessful :0(


I LOVE THIS VERSION OF VALERIE!!! It's genius!!:D It's 10x better than the original, which I didn't even think was possible!:) Great job!!!


Was turned on to this by my boyfriend and love it, especially toxic and stop me....


i am a serious fan of this song! Hail to Amy Weinhouse!! i stopped listening to the radio simply because there isn't anything different that jumps out and grabs you. well this song has and i am so very pleased that there are artist out here that stay true to their craft!!! thank you iTunes for satisfying my thirst for great honest different soulful music! Mark Ronson has stayed true to the art of music! Hats off to him...


This was the best $10 i've spent in weeks. this album is classic. like pure gold classic.

Metrostar 57

I have to shoot this one down here. Just buy just


To the guy saying toxic ruined this album,because of ODB,respect tha dead stupid.Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin tah eff with b.i.atch!!!ODB made this album with toxic!


out of the 14 track included on the CD, I can honestly say I like only 5. Good buy if you're a fan of Mark Ronson or any of the featured artists.

Audible Zoloft

Don't ask me how I even found Mark Ronson, I had never heard of him, but once I heard his music producing talents and renditions of popular covers (and originals) I was an INSTA-FAN! My personal favorite has to be "Oh My God" for it's sexy vocals, catchy hook, and funky jazz horns. If burlesque dancing was possible to do while driving, I think I may have mastered it thanks to this CD. "Stop Me" and "Just" are super fun, funky and are sure-fire shoulder shakers. All I can say, is SEXY and FUN! I can't wait to get more of his works. I feel cool listening to this.


luv the mark ronson/amy winehouse remix of Valerie, but please, please, please could u get the baby j remix of this song. itunes-uk carries it, why can't itunes-usa?

Kris Stall

I'm pretty disgusted at all the complaints toward Mark Ronson ruining an "original." Millions of people create covers, but Version has put a staple on really reinventing a song, and making it sound GOOD. This is a well produced album with a lot of thought put into it.


AMAZING! Its hard to describe the great collaboration for each song. Blended with the smooth jazz. I recommend this to anyone. I wish they would start playing this stuff on the radio in the States already, so this man and other featured musicians can receive the recognition they deserve. Great job!


At first, I was skeptical of Ronson and was only feeling Just from this album. I came back 6 months later and have been loving Oh My God by Lily and pretty much the majority for his work here. For a DJ based producer originally, Ronson has really stepped up his musicianship with this latest album. Good work and way to make Radio Head sound super funky, banger for sure!

good cd

Really, I listen to mostly rap, but in the midst of the hip hop is dead era, I've been branching out. I know Ronson from his productions with Amy Winehouse, Rhymefest, Wale & Ghostface Killah so on the strength of liking those beats, I bought the album thinking I would at least like the music. To my surprise, I'm even finding myself listen to cuts like Apply Some Pressure & Stop Me. Other than those my favs are Toxic, God Put a Smile on Your Face, and Valerie. The interlude Diversion is crazy too.

blu who

This album is probably the best thing to come out of 2007! i absolutely love it. It's great that he can add brass intruments into a song to give a jazz feel. I like his vesion if Valerie better than the original by the zutons. It doesn't matter whether or not he sings, or whether he wrote the actual song, it only matters that he makes these songs so much better, and more appealing to alot of people. This album is gold.


I love Mark Ronson, but making a cover album is tricky. You run the risk of slaughtering a song and seriously offending a lot of people. There are some great tracks in here. This album is worth a buy because everyone's talking about it, it's Mark Ronson, it's fashionable, and has a great sound. It's music that hipsters (who tell people they love jazz) love, and listen to while sipping hip drinks. It's music that hipsters (who hate the former hipsters for not really KNOWING jazz) hate, while sitting there taking themselves too seriously. But, really, who likes that guy? Version is a great album, a must buy. Mark Ronson doesn't even attempt to care whether or not Miles Davis would approve. And I could care less. BUY this album.


one of those cds where every song is GOOD!


musical genious


Moving beats, flowing lyrics, this is an album I can play all of the time. Not to big a fan of "Pretty Green" but my wife tells me it's an aquired taste. The "Toxic" version is awsome. Although, I can't shake this image of the Britney video with ODB stoppin around grabbin body parts he shouldn't be.


I really like this song, but could you make The Smiths' version available?


dont buy toxic, only bad song on track


A bunch of great remixes. I had some doubts especially about him remixing a britney spears song, but literally all them are really well done. By far my favorites are "Just" (a remix of a radiohead song) feat Phantom Planet, and then "Apply Some Pressure" feat Paul Smith, and "Toxic" feat Ol' Dirty Bastard and Tiggers.... Seriously Ronson is ripping it UP RIGHT NOW....


Great record. The soundtrack of the summer. Cover songs reworked by Ronson to become funky party music. Played @ a BBQ & everyone was asking what was this music, it was great.

Brenton Allen

get this, im a 15 year old hip-hop junkie and i stumbled upon Mark Ronson, and for some reason, I dont know why, i just feel all of this music. My friends laugh at me for liking this music, but hey, this IS REAL MUSIC and us teenagers should enjoy it.


Every song is great! Mark Ronson is a genius. Album of the Year!!


Nothing more than background muzak for an afternoon of checkers at a retirement home. It’s obvious which of these reviews on iTunes are by those employed by Ronson’s record label Sony BMG (notorious for paying employees to write fake reviews). Whoever allowed this “super-producer/DJ” to butcher some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite bands should be put on the front lines in Iraq. This is an insult to music fans all over the world. Don’t be force fed this cheesy crap from corporate America!


who is this ***hole and who does he think he is to cover the smiths' "stop me if you think you've heard this one before"? this is a sad sad day for morrissey friends.


They're playing every song off this album on KCRW these days. It's super-charged and gets you going. It's my new favourite album (at least until I wear it out).


Mark does a great job with the songs. It's a new take on them that is delectable

Purple Squirrel

The Brits have done it again! I love the way Ronson tailors each track to the artist, esp. my favorite Robbie Williams. But I deleted the "Toxic" remix. Ol' Dirty Bastard is not funny, neither is the "n" word or the "p" word. This could have been a 100% class act without that garbage.


I've listened to this album a few times, and it still has little effect on me. It's good, and "Stop Me" is intriguing, but nothing on the album really jumps out at you like "Rehab" did. The tracks are more chillish here, and even though "Stop Me" is sometimes played as a club hit, I'd rather party with other tunes. Decent enough idea, but original material is better suited for Ronson.


'Stop Me' and 'Valerie' are sooo greeeaat. Buy the album just for those two, and the other songs will grow on you.


Pick up "No One Knows" Featuring Domino on the Version EP, the albums not complete without it. Also props to Daniel Merriweather who's not mentioned as featured under "Stop Me". Great album all around, get to downloading it already!


I love the brass sounds in this. Very enigmatic and original.

Da Pizza

I really like Mark Ronson's way of making flavorful music....He used some amazing artist on his album like Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse. Big ups!


This is one incredible collection of songs. The man behind the Amy Whinehouse sound comes through with his own. In the vast sea of pop music this crests the wave of fresh, new and inventive. Dive on in the water is fine.


How do you take a bunck of good songs and make them even more awesome... Ask Mark Ronson to make an album called Versions.


Mark never ceases to amaze! He is so awesome!!! Everything he does always has that certain touch that just makes it so unique and so crazy fantastic!


These are not re-interpretations, these are hacks. After reading some 'buzz' about the cover of Smith's immortal song, then checking out on here, I was disgusted. I hope this guy realizes this in his heart and moves on to something else in his life. I can't believe something like this project made it this far. What a world...


The man is a genius! I was very lucky to see him (and his vocal guests) perform in New York City on July 11th ("Version" album release party). They brought down the house. Most of the tracks of the album were performed by Mark and the rest of his friends (including a live band). Great music, great vibe, great party. Hope to hear more music from Mark and his gang in the near future. Keep the great music coming!


Mark Ronson is overrated. I don't think what he brings on the table is so good. Where is the real original stuff? Keep on soul searching for your music style Mark , after adopting a rich "white homie" style when you used to DJ hip hop now you've moved to the 60's/70's without even bringing a new twist to it. You'll find your own style one day, just keep searchin...


I have to say I stumbled upon Mark Ronson(i think his sister is a shoe designer?) but this is truly an amazing album. Every track is somewhat different, yet not totally unexpected. LSF, Oh My God, Valerie and Stop Me are just a few of my favorites. WATCH OUT MTV!!! Ronson is a triple threat (great beats, good looking and a sense of humor!)


I loved all of the songs because I'm one big Brit music fan and may I recommend the song 'Oh My God' . I just loved it and it's one of the top songs in England I mean everyone loves it. Some people start saying that Lily Allen who is featured in the song is a bad singer, but I think differently. She is wonderful and she sang her own version of the song. 'Oh My God' was originally created by a band who I've suddenly forgotten the name of. She sang it wonderfully and I think that band was featured on the music video for it. Mark Ronson is just plain fantastic in the album and once again I recommend 'Oh My God' by Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen. WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC!


The concept of this album is fantastic. The reality is very disappointing. It's one thing to have your own sound. It's another thing to make almost every song on the album sound exactly the same. Same horns, same drums, same tambourine, you can barely tell where one song ends and the next begins.


If you're not into jazz (ie Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Eta James) you won't appreciate what Mark Ronson has done here. He's injected each song with jazz from decades past. Think Paul Anka but not so expected and less kitchy. The cover songs are for the most part from pop culture icons in music, but Ronson brings that old jazz flavor sound to each. If you like the Amy Winehouse sound on her album then you'll like this album. This is what I would consider a non-distracting album. Meaning you can play it as background music at a cocktail party, while cleaning around the house, working at the office or driving someone to the airport. It's not fast enough to work out to, but it's just enough to tap your foot too. I would reccommend it on the sole fact that everyone should expand their music collection. This album will/should have you searching iTunes for songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Eta James, Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Fats Domino, Peggy Lee, and all the great jazz vocals. Njoy!


This album is awesome. Mark Ronson just hits it every time.

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