Woodkid - S16

An Island Records release; â„— 2020 Green United Music, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH

S16 Tracklist:


I just listened to the entire album and oh my god this music. Hit. My. Soul. I cannot explain how beautiful his music is and hes done it again!! And im also so glad he included the track that he used for the trailer of this album its one of my top faves. Hes literally the only person I trust to make such gorgeous music he never ever disappoints. There's literally not one song of his that i even dislike. In conclusion i love this. Thank you Yoan 🥺


Just saw Woodkid on Colors today and have been in a trance all day. The big sounds with his deep voice and the visuals from his videos were enough for me. I love it!

Alex vav

Live his voice, and the melody is so thought provoking...