XXXTENTACION - Bad Vibes Forever

℗ 2019 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

Bad Vibes Forever Tracklist:


Stop hating on this man he is dead, would you like people like your music especially when you are dead


Ya see x was a dude that made the outline of a song the vocals and base of the beat at home and he would then develop off of that so all the haters saying these are mainly backyard recodings yes they are but that is just how the man writes llj


Xxx lives on forever I’m sad this is his official last album. They gave us what was left of him this wasn’t for fast cash. I’m glad they released what was left of him no matter what no artist will ever touch anyone’s heart and soul the way X did Rest In Peace 🕊


I bought it but it isn’t available to download in America....


My favorite is triumph 🌚


I see a lot of reviews talking about the album being short, but people don’t realize he did that on purpose so that people would always want more. On the other hand this album is not X and just a cash grab. Which is why I gave it three stars and it had a lot of unnecessary features that would never make sense such as joyner lucas. I did enjoy the songs still and my favorites were Attention!, Limbo, and Kill My Vibe.


This is the most touching album I’ve ever listen to sincerely Tanner Kent Baumgartner aka Diamond Nasty that is my Youtube so please be sure to subscribe I do rapping too & streams too.

Kid Millenium

This should be it nothing more nothing less! (Stil wish peep and x had done a thing with eachother )


I love X, but this project is some of the most rushed stuff I’ve ever heard. X sounds like a feature on most of these songs.


Overall this is another really great album. Guys....This was an unfinished album, and that is why there are 1 minute songs. And if your a real X fan, you would know that this is an old album, and that most of theses songs were recorded before he even dropped "?". This is all that they had after he passed away, and i think they did a really good job with it as far as getting it ready for release. if you cant tell by the album cover, this album was made before, and was put on the shelf for later. Insted he dropped "17". Anyway, just thought yall should know that. Rest in peace jah, i love you man.


Dumb sheeple worship every mainstream artist that died regardless of how their music is.


Great album LLJ🖤

Cutie Pie Girl 2009

Bad Vibes, more like Good Vibes.

music usernames

This album is very disappointing to me, it hurts because x has been a very pivotal figure for me in the world of music and rap but this is just terrible very few tracks on here impress me and If I’m going to have to list the worst part of this album it is probably the features. Not many of the features make sense in the end (Rick Ross, Tory Lanez, blink 182, etc.) I think the hooks of most songs are more repetitive than almost any album when this came out. I think it’s just time to let the features of him and the songs of him rest. Let his memory just be in actually HIS work.

desmond parnell

Rest In Peace

Karla Doc



This album is just another masterpiece even dead he still releasing great music rip x

Casper105 IX

Best album ever Wish he could more album 🥺


Amazing album RIPX LLJ


Songs are different and perfect like always.

By triogood game

i’m absolutely in love with the artist the album is not amazing but not his fault had he been alive the album would’ve been fantastic the project wasn’t finished which is why it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t what it really could’ve been




This man had talent he is well known bc he is good at what he does R.I.P. to the one and only legend XXXTENTACION


Crazy he’s been gone almost 2 years now..


I never wish death on nobody but we won’t miss this sh***y music.


Sorry but only here for the dancehall song. R.I.P. X though.


I miss you Jah & I can’t wait for Gekyume to take your crown, I hope your doing good where ever you are and that goes for everyone that’s reading this too I hope you have a good day, night, or afternoon. Instead of hate let’s bring love🌸👼🏻 Because in the end nothing will matter. . .

1 word cringe

The album itself is good.But one minute songs, why?

save me before i fall

My favorite song is bad vibes for ever


Good album


This is my first album I bought from him and honestly this is worth all of my money, idc how short the songs are. They are fire


Everything about this brings me joy




Isn’t x dead????????????!!

imurdaddy yt

I always listen to him like it was nothing since that he maid the album is was great Thank you😀💯


Great album, would recommend if you knew X for a long time, and was able to get into his music since the beginning. I think Ecstasy, ATTENTION, probably Kill My Vibe *without the Tom G feature*, and Wanna grow old. We will miss you. LLJ P.S. since people keep believing x deserved to die, because he beat up certain people, you need to shut up. what if I told you I wanted you to die? he was trying to make the world a better place and he didn’t like his past. i’d rather let you go to hell than him due to your mild criticism.


I also love Trippie Redd’s voice in Bad Vibes Forever.


go away already


Glad we got this album, wish u could have been here to see how much u was loved, this is album u told everyone that would later come out thank u! And for everyone saying 1min songs look at his old songs and new ones there all 1min or longer but all old fans changed up and left feels like but most of songs where finish some ur unfinished just need beat or verse to complete it coming from his team. So why hate when we should be glad we got something from his legacy!!


You might as well just put a ringing fire alarm on your ear, it costs less and has more musical elements than XXXTentacion. He’s for normie chads. Listen to NF instead if you want REAL rap.


Love it ❤️


I’m sorry that they did this to you X.


Aside from how this release is just major exploitation of a dead man, I can’t fathom why anyone would want to support this psycho, alive or dead. Regardless of whether he was talented or not, the guy beat up his pregnant girlfriend for crying out loud, and worshipping the man only enables others to do the same. The world is better off without this monster in it.


Straight up dookie


Basically x samples with bad features


I live this album 🥺 I miss him in general he had such a good thing Going for him and his career was just starting to grow more with fans and everything...


It’s an okay album. But it sounds more like a cash grab than something but their heart into. Half the songs don’t even have X’s vocals. The other half sound like backyard recordings. I loved X when he made his own music, but the people behind this album can’t manage to recreate his sound.




I can definitely say this man has left a mark on me... he’s the most inspiring and intelligent person I’ve ever know.. it’s a blessing that I’ve been composed by his energy.. he will forever live on. Rest In Peace prince jahseh ♾